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The Association Tot Pel Claqué (All For Tap) is a non profit organisation, created on 1999 by initiative of the tap dancer Guillem Alonso and the lawyer Maribel Pascual together with a group of tap dancers -Roser Font, Jep Meléndez and Laia Molins-.

This organization was created in aim to acquire a legal structure, a structure to be used by all the tap dancers. The activity of the Association Tot Pel Claqué is regulated by the Spanish Law 7/1997, of 18th june, (DOGC 2423, 1ST julyl), and by its own rules.

The main purposes of the organization, as it is established in its rules are: the scenic arts popularization, mostly in relation to tap dance (excluding all profit benefits).

The Association Tot Pel Claqué expects to promote tap dance by organizing all kind of activities related to dance; either organizing classes or intensive courses, promoting performances, and to defend and join together the interests of all the Catalan and Spanish dancers.

In the present, the board members are:

  • President / Laia Molins Forcadell
  • Secretary / Roser Font Caminal
  • Treasurer/ Agnès Padrós Cuxart