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A proposal of fusion, tap, flamenco and Irish dances. The show “Miraballs” reflects that we are the same but in the difference, from the fact that the similarities approached us. We are in the old room of the mirrors, now in disuse, turned into a dressing room in an amusement park that has known better times.

A “bailaora” is preparing to act, but curious about the magic that comes from this decadent space, will rule the corners and impregnate herself of what she finds in such a way that her gaze will change forever.

A production of the Madojé company.


Violeta Barrio (Flamenco Dancer),
Betlem Burcet (Irish Dancer),
Rubén Pérez (Tap Dancer).

  • Place: centre civic La Teixonera,  Carrer d’Arenys, 75, Barcelona
  • Day: May 6th
  • Time: 12h