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ANNUAL: 55 €

Day: November 11th

Time: 19pm

Place:  Casa de Cultura del Valle de Aranguren (Navarra)


Day: November 9th / Time: 21pm  / Place:  Centro Cultural Noáin (Navarra) / contact:

Day:  November 10th / Time: 19:30pm / Place:  Centro Cultural Iortia (Navarra) / Contact:

Day: November / Time: 21pm  / Place: Teatro Municipal Enrique de la Cuadra (Utrera)  / Contact:

Day: November 23th / Time: 20:30pm  / Place: Teatro Principal de Palencia  / …

Day: November 3th

Hora: 12 and 18:30pm

Lloc: Espacio abierto Quinta de los Molinos ( Madrid)