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Tap Jams

Tap Jam at Ciutadella Park of Barcelona

  •  Place: at the roundabout in front of the fountain
  •  Time: every sunday from 15:30h to 17:30h

 Coordinate: Ivan Bouchain. 625 850 693

The public chooses the music and dancers

  • Place: Monopol, Rambla del poble nou 74 (metro: Llacuna)
  • Day: First Monday of each month
  • Time: 20:30h
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  • Place: SODA Acuústic, C/ de les guilleríes 6
  • Day: juny 17th
  • Time: 7pm
  • Contact:
  • Price: 6 € with drink 4€ for members!


New creation by Laurent Bortolotti. A concert-show; jazz, theater, tap and stories from real life.

Laurent Bortolotti – artistic direction, choreography, tap, dance, singing, acting – Lausanne, Switzerland + Montreal, Canada

Thomas Wadelton – tap, dance, singing, acting, ukulele – Melbourne, Australia

Shyrleen Müller – tap, dance, performance – Friborg, Switzerland

Leo Chevalley – Voice, Piano – Friborg, Switzerland

Stéphane Fisch – bass, composition – Montreal, Canada

Lucy Hopkins – staging – London, England

The dancers tap the Training of Luthier participate in the show.

Clarinet & Tap Project – Music and Dance in Luthier

“The music moves between hands and feet”

Live music and tap dance together to show you a varied repertoire.
Students Clarinet MªTeresa Vasco and students Isabel Lasa Tap will present the work they have worked together in recent months.
See you there!



>Musical duo formed by the tap dancer (cap), Laia Molins and pianist Marco Mezquida, where dialogues through their instrument, their form of expression and communication, creating different climates, environments and situations carrying the listener.

After one year of hard work and lots of great progress the dancers/students of the Luthier Tap Program will perform with a live Jazz Trio.

An evening with many different choreography from tap masters and teachers of the school, and improvisation skills of our fantastic group of dancers.

Piano: Xavier Algans

Double Bass: Pepo Domenech

Drums: Nestor Busquets

Get your tickets in advance at the school.


Després d’un any de treball dur i un munt de grans progressos dels ballarins / estudiants del Programa Toc Luthier durà a terme amb un trio de jazz en viu.
Una nit amb molts coreografia diferent de mestres de l’aixeta i mestres de l’escola, i habilitats d’improvisació del nostre fantàstic grup de ballarins.
Piano: Xavier Algans
Contrabaix: Pepo Domenech
Tambors: Nestor Busquets
Aconsegueix les teves entrades amb antelació a l’escola.



WHAT IS FTE? It is a safe place where every week a different dancer will test their skills to teach.