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Tap Jams

Tap Jam at Ciutadella Park of Barcelona

  •  Place: at the roundabout in front of the fountain
  •  Time: every sunday from 15:30h to 17:30h

 Coordinate: Ivan Bouchain. 625 850 693

The public chooses the music and dancers

  • Place: Monopol, Rambla del poble nou 74 (metro: Llacuna)
  • Day: First Monday of each month
  • Time: 20:30h
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  • Place: SODA Acuústic, C/ de les guilleríes 6
  • Day: April 29th
  • Time: 7pm
  • Contact:
  • Price: 6 € with drink 4€ for members!


We present the third concert of the Big Band of Granollers where the protagonist is Nora. After Nora speaks of his family and his friends in a fun festival, now Nora is interested in hers origins and with the help of his grandfather’s stories we will go to Africa.


Sebastian Weber (Leipzig) will be the guest master luthier Dance in April! Presentation of Work in Progress, April 8.

WHAT IS FTE? It is a safe place where every week a different dancer will test their skills to teach.


Mostra Coreogràfica (Choreographic Showcase) is one of  the Associació Tot pel Claqué’ s annual activity. This is addressed to all companies or emerging tap dance artists who want to show their own choreography work with the aim of encouraging them to not only create but be able to bring their creation onstage.

Basis for participating! Do not miss it.


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